Choose Gulliver to introduce a new advanced job method in order to organize the warehouse activities

Gulliver is the application platform ready to be used and tested for the warehouse logistics. It plans, it runs, it tracks and controls all the intralogistics activities, ruling them in real time based on the trend of the jobs and increasing the productivity.

You don’t only increase the service level to the client and remove the traditional inventory, but you also introduce in the firm a new job culture, innovative and decisive in order to improve your services. An advanced job method in the organization of the warehouse activities.

With the Kube Sistemi WMS you can plan and test all the warehouse activities in an easy and immediate way, saving time and money, and you can have detailed statistics for the constant monitoring of the procedures. The Gulliver interface is fast, intuitive and immediate to use: a user friendly system reliable on the results

Choose Gulliver to introduce a new advanced job method in order to organize the warehouse activities

Introducing in the warehouse the Gulliver WMS you can develop your activity: the result is a drastic reduction of the errors risks and a reinforcement of the firm performance capacity. Gulliver introduces rational job logics, guiding day by day the activity and showing the operators the appropriate operative strategies in every situation. You have clear and up to date data of the warehouse state, because the software manages and controls all the orders preparation and shipping process. This way, your operators have the control on every single activity and are warned on time in case of potential criticality, with the possibility to start corrective actions

Our experience for your results

Based on a 30 years experience and a know-how collected in over 250 projects, Kube Sistemi helps you to plan again the magazine activities, guiding you in the most effective and suitable organizing choices for your firm. With us you can reach a fast return on your investment and the expected results, thanks to the best performances.

We work on different sectors
Distribution Distribution

Run best the delivery of the wares, the storage and the picking, the shipping, the trips and the transport cost

Production Production

Track and run efficiently the warehouse materials to stock the production lines in the manufacturing firms

Logistic services Logistic services

Run best the logistic activities of your clients and keep evidence of the costs and the earnings of the offered services

Transports Transports

Reduce the transports costs, optimizing the trips and journeys

Successfull projects

The logistics automation in the confectionery market allows to manage in a less burdensome and more precise way the lots traceability in all the production chain, from the raw material to the end product



Gulliver manages the strategic activities for the sector: the monitoring of the products expiry dates and a more rigorous management of the FIFO logics for the reduction of the obsolescence


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