About Kube

The advantages of working with Kube Sistemi
We have solutions ready to be used that allow:
Projects with definite times and costs
Adaptable to your needs
Immediate performances
Our intervention for a project suitable according to the needs

We analyze together your performances and your firm organization in order to collect necessary information to find out the best solutions for your needs.

From the analysis to the consultation

We guide you through the most efficient and effective organization choices for you firm and for your warehouse activities, arranging our products in order to make them suitable for your business.

From the consultation to the project implementation

We help you to go through the operative phases of the system start up, integrating it with the existing structure. We assemble the firm staff in order the make it independent in the software usage: less costs and best performances.

A constantly getting better project

The more you use Gulliver, the more are the collected data and the more is the Kube Sistemi support in guiding your firm towards a constant improvement of the productivity and the performances.

Assistance 365 days a year
A dedicated and effective phone assistance service every day of the year
30 years experience

With more than 30 years of experience and more than 250 already functioning installations in successful firms, Kube Sistemi is nowadays the ideal partner for people who want to get better performances in the management of logistics and for people who aim to introduce in the firm functional changes to improve the organization and the structure of the warehouse. New advantages in less time

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